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RecoveryPump is the ultimate sports recovery equipment for muscular pain and body aches. The research behind our portable compression system has shown it to be a fast, simple and effective way to relieve workout fatigue and bolster recovery time.

In addition, RecoveryPump is lightweight (4.2 lbs) and portable, with anINTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY that uses universal voltage. The charge lasts from 3-5 hours, so you can #RecoverHappy anywhere you go.

Included in the Complete RPX System package is one set of RecoveryBoots with integrated hoses (sized for your height) and the RPX Digital Pump. Once easily connected, the RPX system can deliver a variety of medically proven treatment protocols to achieve accelerated muscle recovery and aid in injury rehab. The RPX comes with 3 Preset Programs (Recovery, Pre-Train, Isolate) and 3 Custom Programs that the user can set for their own personal treatment.

You can control and program:

  • Pressure (20-100 mmHg)
  • Time (15-90 minutes)
  • Pause (deflation time 10-60 seconds)
  • Hold in Last Chamber (0-10 seconds)
  • Cycle (Full Sequential, Isolate Treatment Area)

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