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Product Code: RA-1_Each

$654.50 (inc GST)

Our medical grade sequential compression Recovery Arms (with connecting hoses included), plugs directly into the Recovery Pump to deliver optimal pressure and sequence for every day muscle recovery. Reduce muscle soreness, swelling and fatigue daily with this at-home recovery tool.

Provides safe and effective recovery for tired, sore muscles. Can be used on either Right or Left arm (not to be used on both, simultaneously). Has adjustable strap. This garment is suited for use one arm at a time only.

Recovery Arm Use/Protocol for muscle recovery:

  • 20 minute therapy session per arm
  • Pressure set to 60mmHg max (not to be exceeded)
  • Pause set to 15 sec.
  • Sports/Athletes that may especially benefit from use: Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Swimmers, Football, Rugby, Motocross, Water Polo, Hockey, Rock Climbing

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