Recovery Pump Kit Lite

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So powerful yet so lite. Weighing just 1kg, the RP Lite is ultra-portable and ideal for Recovery on the go.



·         RP Lite Recovery Pump

·         1 pair of Recovery Boots (select your size)

·         1 Carry Bag



·         New Built-in battery with 6-8 hours of batter life

·         Adjustable pressure (20-100 mmHg)

·         Treatment timer + continuous therapy modes

·         New adjustable hold time (3 options: 0, 5 and 10-second hold)

·         Connects to any 4 chambered RecoveryPump Garment

·         Size: 21cm x 20cm x 9cm (8.2inch x 7.8inch x 3.5inch)

Less Pain. More Gain.

RecoveryPump is used by Athletic Programs around the world and at every level of sports to help reduce the risk of injury and to treat athletes post injury/surgery.

The RP therapy (gradient sequential pneumatic compression) is the only medically proven type of pneumatic compression to both accelerate recovery and increase athletic performance in subsequent exercise bouts.

RecoveryPumps unique boot design and quick cycle time actively engages the bodys natural return systems (venous/lymphatic) while at rest and keeps athletes feeling fresh during the grind of their season.

RecoveryPump is the most portable and affordable pneumatic compression system on the market. Not only is RecoveryPump more affordable than ever, but it is also about half the size and weight of competing brands.

RecoveryPump offers the most innovative technology, the most Comprehensive Recovery Gear on the market and a team committed to providing outstanding service to give you a winning edge.