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Leukoband Lite 5cm x 3.5m

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Leukoband Lite 5cm x 3.5m

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In Stock

Elastic Adhesive Bandages provide compression support for joints during high-stress sport activity. The bandages help minimise swelling and provide additional support as an overwrap. Suitable for compression bandaging of ankles, knees, fingers, shoulders and elbows.

·         A lightweight, hand-tearable, elastic adhesive bandage used for compression and support with a degree of flexibility.

·         Quick and easy to apply, making it ideal for "overwrapping" Leuko Sportstape when taping prophylactically.

·         The special cotton and polyurethane construction provide both strength and conformity when applied to joints and muscles.

·         Ideal for active sports of all kinds.

·         Conforms well whilst remaining light and cool.