Hydralyte Orange Ice Blocks - Pack 16

Hydralyte Orange Ice Blocks - Pack 16

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Brand: Hydralyte

Hydralyte is an oral rehydration solution which is scientifically formulated. It contains the correct balance of electrolytes and glucose required for rapid rehydration.

Hydralyte Ice Blocks Key Advantages:

  • Great tasting flavours
  • Kids think they are a treat not a medicine
  • Well tolerated even when nauseous, small volume ingested

Most suitable for:

  • Toddlers and children with bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Toddlers and children with fever
  • People with chronic lack of intake of food and drink. This is common in morning sickness, acute and chronic nausea, tonsillectomies, teething.
  • For active children suffering exercise induced dehydration

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