Heartsine Samaritan 500P AED Defibrillator (CPR Advisor)


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Product Code: PAD-500P

The HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator is a Semi-Automatic Public Access Defibrillator (AED) with Integrated CPR Advisor that analyzes the heart rhythm and delivers an electrical shock to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in order to restore the heart to normal rhythm. User-friendly and provides Easy to understand visual and voice prompts guide the rescuer through the entire resuscitation process. This is the Defib that saved a wiggle.  (See video below for how it works).

CPR Advisor - Real Time CPR Feedback (Best Technology Available to save a life)

  • CPR Advisor provides feedback to rescuers on the effectiveness of the CPR they are providing to the victim.
  • The 500p model uses both ECG & ICG measurements to analyse the effectiveness and the rate of compressions given and based on this will advise the rescuer to push harder, faster or slower as appropriate.
  • Feedback on the quality of the compressions being given is provided to the responder by means of both audible and visual prompts.
  • Good quality CPR is vital part of the resuscitation process, By performing CPR you are manually restoring blood circulation and oxygen to the Body/Brain. This is critical !!!
  • Only Available with the 500p model. (See video below for how it works)


  • 8 Year Warranty
  • CPR Advisor Technology
  • Semi-Automatic Shock Delivery (allowing the rescuer to push the shock button)
  • Easy to Follow Visual and Verbal Guides
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • High level Production from Dust & Water (IP56 Rating)
  • Suitable for use on Adults & Children. (Adult pads included, Child Pads (PDPK04) can be purchased Separately)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Cost Effective to Run

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