PTP Clinic Bulk Resistance Pack

PTP Clinic Bulk Resistance Pack


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PTP Clinic Bulk Resistance Pack

With a simple & proven PTP Progressive Resistance System Colour Guide, Mediband and Powertubes comes in 5 resistance levels that range from Ultra-Light to Ultimate. Each resistance system level is determined by thickness of the band. Bulk length in an easy-to-use dispenser box that is perfect for clinic, club, or gym.

Ideal for improving strength and mobility, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and general fitness exercises
Bulk length in an easy-to-use dispenser that is perfect for your clinic, club, or gym.
Helps promote mobility and provide challenge to upper and lower body workouts
Continuous progressive tension that maximises muscle engagement and contraction
Builds muscle, tendon, and ligament strength, protecting the joints from injury

May raise awareness of muscle imbalances and poor proprioception (sense of body position and movement)

Clinic Bulk Resistance Pack Includes:

  • PTP1BULK30.5 Powertube 30.5m (100Ft) Ultra Light - Pink
  • PTP2BULK30.5 Powertube 30.5m (100Ft) Light - Yellow