Recoverytub Inflatable Ice Bath

Recoverytub Inflatable Ice Bath


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RecoveryTub portable systems are a range of Inflatable Ice Baths designed to be used in any location.

What are the benefits of Ice baths?

Ice Bath are used to speed up your bodys own natural means of recovery. The physiological mechanisms behind this method of recovery are to flush out metabolic waste promoting venous return and to reduce inflammatory swelling.

Ice baths are proven to:

  • Promote neural system recovery
  • Promote cardio vascular system recovery
  • Clears waste metabolites from muscles by actively dilating and constricting vessels
  • Reduce pain around the joints and muscles
  • Assist with muscle regeneration and enhances muscle fibre remodeling

The Recovery Tub - Solo

  • Capacity for 1 athlete
  • Rechargeable air pump
  • Ice Bath carry bag
  • Dimensions = 150 x 85 x 40cm
  • Volume of water = 180 litres
  • Weight when packed away = 3.5kg