Recoverytub Inflatable Ice Bath Team

Recoverytub Inflatable Ice Bath Team


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What are the benefits of portable Ice baths?

Ice Bath are used to speed up your body's own natural means of recovery. The physiological mechanisms behind this method of recovery are to flush out metabolic waste promoting venous return and to reduce inflammatory swelling.

Ice baths are proven to:

  • Reduce nerve conduction velocity
  • Reduce muscle spasm risk
  • Reduce thermal strain
  • Reduce muscle function deficits
  • Regeneration of functional power
  • Decrements to maximal force production
  • Parasympathetic re-activation
  • Reduce symptoms of DOMS

The Recovery Tub - Team

  • Capacity for 3 to 4 athletes
  • Rechargeable air pump
  • Ice bath Carry bag
  • Dimensions = 160cm diameter x 68cm depth
  • Volume of water = 400 litres
  • Weight when packed away = 8kg