PTP Massage Ball - 12 Pack

PTP Massage Ball - 12 Pack


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PTP Sensory Ball - Retail Display 12 Pack

Activate your blood flow for enhanced rehabilitation with the PTP Sensory Ball. With its' spiky surface designed to provide a deep tissue massage and trigger enhanced blood flow, this tool can help you alleviate any sore spots in your body. A vital tool in recovery from injury, the PTP Sensory Ball is a convenient size that can easily be stored in your gym bag and taken with you on the go.

Great tool for injury recovery

Helps activate blood flow and speed up recovery

Apply just the right amount of pressure where you need it

Convenient size, can be easily stored in your gym bag


Retail Display Box Includes 12 Sensory Balls

Box Size: H 180mm X W 380mm X D 280mm

8.5cm Diameter Acupressure Massage Ball Stimulating Massage.